FedEx Jobs – Interesting Look At A Employee’s Career

Chris Carpenter has been working at Fedex for 6 years as a route driver. Just out of a job he called boring, he found himself looking into a career at fedex because being on the road seeing different places inspired him. I asked him what what makes Fedex stand out as a golden career if you will entertain me with some insight. Chris began to start his first cup of coffee and asked me if he could be honest.Of course i replied with a “Of course”. He began witha look in his eyes that was more similar to a child that has discovered a hobby that keeps him entranced.

There are opportunities abound with the FedEx corporation. Whether you want to deliver packages and drive long hauls, or you want to use your leadership skills in a management setting, this is the place to learn more about FedEx careers. This massive firm is one of the world leaders in express delivery. They handle and ship packages from all over the world. There are over two hundred thousand people with careers in their network of companies, and there are always positions open in a variety of fields.

There are eleven different companies in the corporation’s network including FedEx Kinkos. Within each of these companies lies a wide array of different career options. One of the most popular positions is a package courier or delivery man. This persons duties cover everything from driving a delivery truck, handling packages, and dealing with the recipients directly.

At the heart of all FedEx Careers lies customer focus. Customer service plays a large role in why the carrier is one of the worlds leading delivery corporations. If you feel that customer service is a specialty of yours than maybe you would like to be a customer service agent. The majority of your time will be spent communicating directly to customers, assessing their needs, and then dealing with those problems accordingly. If you wish to pursue an aircraft related career in FedEx, than handler is the position for you.

You will directly work with packages directing and sorting and sometimes accompanying the packages to be loaded and unloaded at various locations around the world.

These are just a few in the multitude of opportunities available through the FedEx corporation. Once involved you will become part of one of the most successful delivery corporations in the world, and will not only gain the benefits and rewards associated with all FedEx careers, but you will have the opportunity to advance and further your career within their broad network of companies.source